September 11, 2012

Dirty D Week 1 Power Ranks

Well, it seemed like Week 1 lasted forever, with the first game last wednesday. The NFL has a game EVERY Thursday night this season, so that is a change everyone has to adjust to. Week 1's featured matchup, a rematch of the 2011 Championship, turned out to be the biggest blowout of the week- in favor of Victorious Secret. Campbell's Angry Pirates must have stanley-cup hangover, with a horrid performance. The 2 rookies, Jenna and Abe, both fell short in their debuts, even with 120+ performances by both teams. Without further ado...

1. Victorious SecretA familiar spot for Kait, who spent most of last season at the top of the power ranks. As I mentioned in the draft re-cap, if Jay Cutler is really good this year, Kaits team is going to have a lot of similar weeks to this one. What really made me decide to give Kait #1 is because she, of course, has CJ Spiller on her bench. Buffalo's starter Fred Jackson sustained a knee injury that should keep him out at least a month, and Spiller has dominated when Jackson has been out. Kait now has 3 top-12 running backs on a weekly basis until Freddy returns. 

2. Boston Patriots- A great start to the season for Mr B. Julio Jones and Jimmy Graham justified their high selections right away in week 1. Julio truly looks like the #1 fantasy WR this year. Peyton Manning looked close to the old Peyton Manning, which means all Bronco fantasy players get a bump in this weeks ranks. The Boston Patriots were the highest scoring team in the league this week, mostly due to the huge performances by the veterans Kevin Smith and Frank Gore. This team will be very good until those guys get hurt, at which point I expect this team to struggle mightily. Count your blessings if you play this team later in the season, as opposed to the next few weeks. 

3. Tahiti Loungers- Ben Tate didn't get the carries I thought he would and so even though Foster got me 2 TDs, his late week injury cost me points. Brandon Marshall is a force and if Tony Romo plays this well every week, the league record book better watch out. I expect this to be one of the lowest outputs of the season for both Eric Decker and Torrey Smith. Don't forget this team put up 128 without 2nd round pick and super-stud Ryan Mathews who could return this week. Lance Moore may be even better in 2012 than I thought, and duel RB/WR McCluster is starting to look like a beast as well. This team is deep.

4. the rental guys- Dan's team was largely fueled by a monster performance out of his flex spot player Reggie Wayne. He had a HUGE game with rookie Andrew Luck, and looks to be a safe WR2 every week. I don't know if the return of Austin Collie will change that too much. Matt Forte had a great game as expected, and while Cam, Jordy, Pettigrew and Doug Martin looked pedestrian, they are all so good, that's all Dan need every week. Contrary to years past, it's going to take over 100 to beat Dan every week- his team has a high floor.

5. Team Ice Cream- 2 of Adam's 3 headed RB monster looked great- Rice and Murray. Finley looked like Finley- but dropped a few passes and kinda showed why he can never reach the elite fantasy TE level. The rest of this team did their job- and with the addition to RG3 to the lineup this team is going to be looking real, real solid. So much RB depth. Be worried if T Richardson puts it all together.  

6. Eat More Chicken- Jenna's team could have scored a boat load more points in her Dirty D debut if she had started Matt Ryan, but even if he played, Jenna was still losing to the Boston Patriots. Her team showed up, thats for sure, but I don't know if you can count on 15, 16, and 17 from Shonn Greene, your defense, and kicker on a weekly basis. Calvin Johnson and Roddy White both had good games, there will be weeks when both of them explode and Jenna wins from that alone. 

7. The Godfather- Abe put up a good fight, but fell short late on Monday Night. His Defense was his highest scorer, Ed Reed of course had a pick six. Brady had a somewhat slower week, and Charles will continue to get better. The big concern here is Greg Jennings- he had a weak game last Sunday and could possibly have some injury thats preventing him from performing at 100% Abe needs that weapon, so Jennings needs to get better quick.
8. A Pinch Better- Even with a win, I can't rank this team in the top half of the league ranks. Chris Johnson, Sean's first round pick, looked awful.I really do not see this team scoring over 130 or so the entire season, so this may have been one of Sean's best weeks. Eli-Cruz need to have a big game for this team to hang with the best teams in the league. 

9. The Crossing Guards- Slow start for Bill. Dez and Nicks will both have huge weeks soon, so I wouldn't worry about that. The vikings will quickly figure out how to use Percy the most effective way, and DMC was a monster out of the backfield catching 13 balls. He is going to be a top 3 back weekly until he gets hurt. Things will get better for this team. 

10. Angry Pirates- This is a harsh ranking- probably a bit TOO harsh, but Campbell deserves it. Just a total disappearance act. Outside of Rodgers 24 point game, Campbells players scored 16, 11, 10, 7, 7, 5, 4, 2. That is pure putrid right there. The only 2 reason's why this team isn't further down on this list are 1: I don't think you can ever be in last place with Aaron Rodgers and 2. AP is a man amongst boys. He is a stud. Weekly top 5 option again... crazy. 

11. Comeback Story- Yikes. A disastrous week for Donny was lowlighted by the loss of his 3rd round pick Fred Jackson. He will miss at least 4 weeks and until then Donny has to lean on MJD. As he put it in a text to me " this wouldn't be Comeback Story without a crippling deficiency at running back" but with a lack of QB as well, that may be too much to overcome. 

12. A1 Providers- An awful start for Paul. Wes Welker somehow only had 4 points and looked like he was being phased out of the pass-heavy role he used to play with the Pats. Much like the team at #11, the QB carried Paul's team. Brees had a great game in a shoot out, and Pierre Garcon looked great, but outside of those 2 guys this team was awful this week. Just didn't show up. Paul needs to make some major changes somehow if he wants to compete. 

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