September 25, 2012

Dirty D Week 3 Power Ranks

1. Team Ice Cream (last week #1)- Adam's team is in a groove right now. This team blasted 161 points this week for the second straight biggest blowout victory in 2 weeks. He has the most points scored in the league to go along with the least against. This is the only remaining undefeated team, and with no major injuries (good luck) + a really good roster = greatness. And that's what we have seen so far from Team Ice Cream.

2. Tahiti Loungers (last week #5)- My team shoots back up to the top of the rankings after a big showing (135 points) and a big trade. Earlier in the week the Loungers made a deal with the Angry Pirates sending Tony Romo, Brandon Marshall, Dennis Pitta, and Dexter McCluster to Campbell's team for Aaron Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald, and Kendall Hunter. I feel as if I made a great deal for my team. I know Marshall is a beast (obviously, I picked him 24th overall) but when you have the chance to trade for Aaron Rodgers, you take it. After a slow start, Larry Fitzgerald came back huge with a monster performance against one of the best secondaries in the league. Fitz has a great schedule in the next few weeks and I expect top-10 production from this point on. Another major contributor and new member to my team is Martellus Bennett, The Black Unicorn. He's a stud and Eli loves his TE's. One last note for this week was the emergence of Eric Decker and Torrey Simth. Both had monster games and I expect a lot of the same moving forward. Truthfully, I like my roster a significant amount more than Team Ice Cream's roster, but I cannot bring myself to demote Adam from the #1 spot after such a huge week 3. These 2 team are starting to separate from the pack.  

3. the rental guys (last week #2)- Birthday boy Dan had a second consecutive pedestrian week. I think the NFL is realizing Josh Freeman sucks so opponents are going to stack the box vs Martin, and Cam Newton didn't look great this week. Dan wisely used his high priority waiver claim on Andre Brown, who led his team with 28 points. Reggie Wayne continues to be outstanding, and easily Dan's best pick of the draft. This week will be tough without him (Colts on bye) so other guys are going to need to step up. I'm talking to you Jordy.  

4. Eat More Chicken (last week #8)- WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE! Jenna put an exclamation on her first win by cutting down Kait's team by almost 50 points. This team is rocking pretty hard right now, obviously a lot of that has to do with Matt Ryan and the Falcons red-hot start. I do think there are major red flags with this team, however. The injury to McGahee is bad news, Jenna doesn't have anyone at all on her bench to replace him. Also Steven Jackson is banged up and when your 3rd running back is Shonn Greene you have issues. If the Falcons ever have a bad game, (They will, soon) this team could legit score under 50 points. Week 7 vs Paul is an auto loss as this roster stands right now. For this week though, after 3 solid weeks and her first league win, Jenna should be celebrating. 

5. Crossing Guards (last week #7)- Bill's team is steadily rising in my rankings. This week Bill eeked out a 5 point victory to vault him up to 3rd in the league standings.  Also, Bill beefed up his starting roster earlier in the week by trading away some RB depth (Deangelo Williams, Mark Ingram) and TE Kyle Rudolph, for stud TE Vernon Davis. I think he has the depth to withstand the upgrade at TE so I liked the move a lot for Bill. The scary thing about Bill's team is that his WR haven't even gone crazy yet, and it's only a matter of time before Dez and Percy have enormous games.  The Stafford injury doesn't seem too serious so I'm not downgrading this team for that yet. Also the emergence of Mikel Leshoure is very good thing for BIll.

6. A Pinch Better (last week #6)- Tough loss for Sean but this team can't expect to win with a mediocre performance by Eli and Cruz. Chris Johnson looks awful but Sean actually has a bunch of guys I'm starting to like more (Austin, Smith) and I think this is going to be a team on the bubble team all season, although If I owned this team I'd be busy making moves. Tough matchup this week vs my team. 

7. Victorious Secret (last week #3)- The worst performance of the week has to go to Kait. I've said it before the weakness on this team, QB Cutler, needs to be addressed. His offensive line is terrible and he seems like the type of player who gives up easily. That's part of the reason why I traded away Brandon Marshall: Jay Cutler sucks this year, terribly. Also, CJ Spiller was on his way to a great day but left with what looks like a 1-2 week injury. Crazy fact of the week: Sproles had 0 catches. Don't ask me why, but that should never, ever happen again.  

8. A1 Providers (last week #10)- This team reminds me so much of Dan's championship winning team from a few years ago. A really shoddy lineup that just squeaks out victories and lucks it's way wins. Turner and Benson look good for now, and Welker looked like his old reliable self with AH out. Brees is going to be chucking it from behind all year and Hawkins looks like a pretty reliable flex player this year. Still, this team has major flaws and will likely need to make a trade (Garcon?) to stay with it. This week he takes on Dan who will be missing one of his best players in Wayne. Ride that luck train Paul!

9. The Godfather (last week #11)- WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE Abe! What a huge victory for the Godfather over the rental gays. After making the bold trade earlier in the week to acquire some help at RB, Abe got 2 TDs from his new guy Gronk Jr Kyle Rudolph. Stevie Johnson is a sneaky top-WR that no one ever talks about, and Brady played well so Abe's team competed. Oh and he also had a pretty OK day from JC in KC. Something like 50+ fantasy points. Is that good? BALLLEERRRRRRRRRR (If Charles is really back, which is looks like he is, this team just got a enormous boost)

10. Boston Patriots (last week #4)- This seems like a harsh rank, but like I've said before the Boston Patriots need to pile up wins now, early in the season, but is stuck in a 1-2 record. Kevin Smith is basically droppable now, and the Lawfirm's regression as the season has grown is a little concerning. Julio Jones and Mike Wallace continue to be studly for these Patriots and if Kenny Britt ever comes back and dominates like we've seen him do, this team could/should make a splash in the next few weeks.

11. Comeback Story. (last week #9)- I had a tough time ranking Donny's team this week. He had a slow week overall but had some great individual performances from both MJD and Andrew Luck. The RB depth here is really, really bad. Fred Jackson is NEEDED back. Comeback Story does have a very, very nice WR corps, hopefully he can find a team to make a deal with and even out the balance on his team. This roster has a lot of potential, but a middling finish is more likely on the horizon.   

12. Angry Pirates (last week #12)-  The trade Campbell made in the middle of the week was a solid one- it filled out his roster nicely but that didn't matter this week. Romo disappointed, (get used to that, C bell) Reggie Bush, Peyton Hillis, and Dexter McCluster all got hurt, and AP looked human again. Doesn't help that Antonio Brown has a bye this week. Angry Pirates are dealing with a major Super Bowl hangover. Haven't scored in triple digits yet and the only winless team in the league. Anyone feel bad? Didn't think so. 

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