September 29, 2012

Ryder Cup Saturday Afternoon Recap

Crossing Guards here.  I met James in 2006 when he was roommates with Adam Bombvold at UMass.  Currently I'm half season ticket partner with JB for this upcoming NHL season that's right around the corner.  Can't wait!  With both the 2012 Ponkapoag Golf League & PGA Tour over, the Ryder cup is one of golf fans last chances to see all the best players hit the links.  James was attending a wedding Saturday and asked if I was interested in filling in live blogging the afternoon matchups and below is my attempt at doing just that.

Interesting read here:

Davis Love III requested that the rough at Medinah Country Club be trimmed and some believe the reason why is to favor the American long ball hitters.  I like this.  I'd rather watch these guys battle it out making birdies than to see them win holes with pars/bogeys.  and really both squads hit the long ball.

Current score as of writing this: USA - 9 - EU - 4
 Live stream of the matchups here:

 - Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson win their 4-ball match up 5 & 4 with Justin Rose and Francesco Molinari. Watson/Simpson now 2-1 in the cup. What more needs to be said about this tandem? The crowd loves them and Bubba hits the longggg ball (chicks dig the long ball.) They've won both days at 4-ball and lost their morning Saturday alternate shot match up. Can't ask for much more.

 - Woods/Stricker are now 1 down against Garcia/Donald with 5 to go. Woods birdied the par 3 13 to get it back down to 1. I've been watching these matches out at bars for both days now, and the general tone for Tiger has been negative and I can't really argue that. But really my opinion on this is that a) he's Tiger Woods. b) he's #2 in the world so I want him out there regardless.

- Dufner/Z. Johnson lead Poulter/McIlroy by 2 through 12.  I am a big fan of Dufner.  Get's hated on for for being a little chunky (Stafford of the PGA) but damn this guy can putt.  This is his first time on the team and he's 2-0 and been a great partner with Johnson.  Having the lead on Poulter/McIlroy right now is huge.  These two guys are the heart of the European team if you ask me.  Poulter is a guy you hate when he's not on your team but love when he is.  McIlroy is well, #1 in the world and a stud.  Taking a point here would be awesome.

- Kuchar/D. Johnson lead Lawrie/Colsaerts by 1 through 15.  I love Kuch.  He acknowledges the crowd and really looks like he's having fun out there.  Colsaerts has cooled off from yesterday but damn that was an impressive round he put together.  Kuch is carrying this pair today with 3 birdies mostly in the front 9 (& 10.)

- Poulter/McIlroy get one back on 13 and now Dufner/Johnson are only up by 1.  McIlroy hit a great iron shot on the par 3 and then sank it for birdie.

- Tiger for birdie on the par 5 14.  Donald matches him with an up and down from the sand to keep the Europeans 1 up.  Tiger is starting to heat up similar to his afternoon match yesterday.  Hopefully he can pull it off today. I bet half the bar yesterday he was going to hit his putt on 18 to make it AS.  I'd make the same bet today.

- Kuch/Johnson are now AS with Lawrie/Colsaerts going into 17.  The Europeans won with a par on 16 as Kuch put his 2nd shot off a tree and Johnson bogeyed after finding the rough.  Going to need to calm the nerves on the par 3 17th.

- 3 of four players on 15 (Stricker, Woods, Garcia) found the left green side bunker on this hole.  Donald has put his closest to the pin by driving the green.  Donald can make this 2 up on the Americans with a birdie putt.

- Donald makes it and gets the Europeans up by 2 with 3 to play.  Is Tiger really going to go 0-3 in 2 days of Ryder Cup play?  Ouch.

- D. Johnson has a chance here to help Kuch out on 17 with a birdie.  He put his tee shot on the right side of the green with a right to left putt.

- Sank it.  Crowd is loving it and now the Americans have a 1-up lead through 17.

- Z. Johnson in the water on 15 (short par 4.)  Dufner lays up, smart play to give himself a wedge into the green.  Poulter and McIlroy are in the sand next to the green.

- Z. Johnson looking at his ball in the water on 15.  Sounds like he can see it but I am not sure he can play it from there?  He seems pissed.

- Kuch puts it short of the green on the par 4 18.  Lawrie puts it long left from almost the exact same spot as Kuch.  Colsaerts almost slam dunked it and then spun it in, wow what a good shot.  Johnson puts it pin high right of the stick.  Americans need this hole to give themselves a whole point and hold off the Europeans.

- Dufner puts it 10-feet? away on 15 after his layup.  Almost spun it back into the water but has a decent look for birdie.

- Tiger puts it close on 16 after a massive drive.  Good look at a birdie putt.

- Lawrie misses his long putt on 18 and goes way long, looking at a long par putt.  Kuch chips up close but now just looking at par.  Johnson BARELY misses his birdie putt.  It's up to Colsaerts now and this guys been en fuego.

- McIlroy out of the sand on 16 not so close, but Poulter puts it realll close and looks very fired up.  He wants this and got his birdie.  Dufner misses his birdie putt and its now AS with 3 to go.

- Colsaerts missed his putt and Johnson/Kuchar with this match up 1-up.  The overall score is now 10-4.  P.S. Juan Miguel Jimenez is there with the European captains and that guys a baller.  Pretty sure he used to smoke stogies/butts while playing no problem.

- Tiger just birdied 16 and now its 1-up for the Europeans.  4 birdies on the back 9 for Tiger.  Let's do this.  17 is a par 3 he can really attack.  I heard the announcers say Garcia tried to ice Tiger by asking the officials who was long on the green.  What a clown.

- Tiger with an 8-iron 178 yards to 3 feet from the pin.  Colin Farrell get at ME.  Garcia puts his right outside Tigers and Donald puts it even closer really putting the brakes on the American momentum.  Donald was #1 in the world for a bit so I shouldn't be surprised he stuck it here but really?? 0-2 on the tournament and now he steps it up?

- The TV coverage has been focusing on Tiger right now.  Will give an update on Dufner/McIlroy when they start going back to them.

- Tiger sinks a birdie and now it comes down to 18.  Can the Americans get it back to AS and take a 1/2 point?  He was sooo close yesterday.

- Poulter sinks a birdie putt on 16.  Dufner has a chance to match him.

- Dufner misses and now the Europeans are up 1 with 2 to go.  I hear the shankapotamus lives on the 17th hole but only comes out when discotecha Euros are on the tee.  Poulter in trouble.

- Poulter puts it 5-10 feet away on 17 and McIlroy pulls it left almost into the sand. Johnson puts it just right of the stick and really attacked the pin.  Awesome shot.  This hole is so intimidating and that was a gutsy shot.  Dufner pulled his left like Rory's.

- Stricker puts hit close on 18.  Donald from the sand after his tee shot basically has no chance now.  Garcia puts his long left and Tiger puts his pin high right almost off the green.

- Poulter is locked in and drains another birdie on 17.  3 effing birdies in a row. Stores are stocking up on tight pants, hair gel, and fluorescent shirt as sales are about to go crazy.

- Garcia is NERVOUS.  Walked away from his putt once on 18 and you can just see it on his face.

- Missed it.  Stricker with a chance to halve the match here.  Stricker is a putting wizard so we have a chance.

- anddddd he misses it with a lip out just like yesterday.  USA - 10 EU - 5.  Tiger/Stricker are now 0-3.  Gross.  I want to believe he's going to win his singles match up tomorrow but how can I?  I hope he plays Sergio tomorrow.  I really don't like that guy for some reason and Tiger isn't a big fan of him either.

- Poulter puts his iron shot close on 18 of course.  Johnson as well just outside Poulter.  Dufner puts it 3-feet away?  Closest so far.  Rory hasn't been playing well the back 9 but Poulter has been making up for it and as I type this spun his off the front of the green.

- Rory misses his birdie putt on 18 and Dufner makes it putting the pressure on Poulter to keep the Europeans up 1.

- Poulter sinks it on 18 to keep the Europeans up 1.  Officially can't stand this guy in the Joakim Noah sort of way I described above.

USA- 10 EU - 6

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