September 29, 2012

Ryder Cup Saturday Morning

-Keegan Bradley this morning said he needed a shot of adrenaline so he sprinted from the practice green over to the USA crowd and literally just started going crazy to get them pumped up. It worked. And of course Bubba came in and started acting crazy too. 

- I love Bubba Watson. I think he's my new favorite golfer.  This first match (Bubba/Webb vs Poulter/ Rose) is going to be great. Each team has 1 serious guy and 1 rockstar. Should be fun to watch. 

-The scene on the first Tee was great again this morning. Poulter teed off first and got the Euro crowd to make noise/cheep during his shot. Trying to create what happened yesterday w/ Bubba. Of course, right after his shot Bubba himself stepped up to the tee and the crowd went WILD. And outdrove the Euros. I just love the cheering during tee shots. 

-I'm trying to find pictures to upload from this morning but I can't find any yet. What did I find though when I was looking? Pictures of wives/girlfriends of the golfers:

McDowell and Rose's 
Webb Simspon and his wife

This was yesterday. Keegan's gf and Phil's wife congratulating them on the green right after they won. 

-The Euro team of Westwood/Donald is so intimidating. 2 guys who have recently held the #1 ranking worldwide. Don't tell Phil and Keegan that. 

-Keegan Bradley and Phil Mikelson are currently 2 up through 2 holes. I heard someone on TV actually infer the idea that Keegan Bradley was born to play the Ryder Cup

-The Americans have only won the foursomes matches on Day 2 in 1981 and 1991. Crazy. Hopefully they win this morning and we can add 2012 to that list. 

-Watching these foursome matches (alternating shots between a pair of golfers on the same Team) is making me want to try it out myself. I've never played and it seems pretty fun. 

-Raucous. That's the only word to describe the crowd/atmosphere at this Ryder Cup.

-I'm sorry but this has to be said: Jason Dufner is such a weirdly fat looking guy. I just can't stand looking at him. He's good at golf though. 

-Jim "the bird man" Furyk is just so solid. Him and Snedeker are in a re-match of yesterdays close loss too McIlory/McDowell. I expect a great performance from all 4 of those guys in the anchor match today. Oh and yes, I am the only one who calls Furyk the Bird-man. For 2 reasons: A. he looks like a bird and B. He's obv nasty and makes birdies all the time. His 'real' nicknames are "The Grinder" and "The businessman" which are both totally appropriate. 

-Keegan and Phil both JUST missed winning putts on 3 and 4. They are playing on a different level. Still 2 up. 

-It's worth noting this is the first time Tiger has ever sat out a match in a Ryder Cup. I hope he uses this for fuel this afternoon because I am sure he will be back and hopefully he takes over. 

-At this moment in time the Americans lead all 4 matches. Opposite of yesterday morning's start when Euro took over early. 

-Just heard a story from yesterday about Phil on the 13th green.  Keegan had hit it close from deep in the fairway and Phil turned to him and said "I'm going to make this so you can see how it feels" and of course drained it. And, if you look at the video, Phil was staring at Bradley after he hit it and right before the putt fell in. Goosebumps. 

-Nothing is really going on right now. The Americans lead 3 of the matches, Ian Poulter is the best player this morning for the Euros and the only reason why they aren't getting swept. 

-It seems like there is no chance Phil/Keegan even lose a hole. They have had a winning putt on nearly every hole. Currently lead 3 up through 6. 

-And now Keegan just sank a huge putt on 9 to go 5 up. On the radar for most dominating Ryder cup performance of all time. 

-And it's over. Phil and Bradley win 7 & 6 tieing the largest margin of victory in team golf history. Wow. 

-The Euros are making a late push this morning. Rose/Poulter are 2 Up with 5 to play, Garcia/Colsaerts are AS with Fatty/DJ, and the Northern Ireland team is down 1. 

-Furyk just sank that putt to go 2 up with 7 holes to play. Great putt by the bird-man to gain that valuable hole. McIlroy and McDowell have par every hole. No birdies. crazy. 

-Dufner and Zach Johnson have played some solid golf. Nothing spectacular but they are looking good, Up 2 with 3 to play. Good pairing for DLIII

-Bird man another birdie on 14 to halve a hole... 

-Damn. Bubba and Webb almost came back to halve their match on 18 but Webb missed the longish birdie Putt. Poulter was a beast this morning, best player for Europe. 

The score is now 6-4, with the Americans leading the remaining 2 matches, pretty comfortably.

-Score now 7-4 after Dufner/DJ close it out on 17. Euros dunked it in the H2O haha. 

-McIlroy just sank a huge birdie putt on 16 down. Only 1 down with 2 to play. McDowell stuck the tee shot on 17 and I expect Rory to make that birdie. Huge shot upcoming for the Bird Man...

-Bird man didn't hit it close enough. Snedeker missed the putt but thanfully so did Rory. Americans up 1 with 1 to play. 

Here are this afternoon matches:

My Predictions:

Dustin Johnson Matt Kuchar halve with Colsaerts and Lawrie

Bubba and Webb 2 & 1 over Rose/Molinari 

Woods and Stricker 3 & 1 over Garcia/Donald

McIlroy and Poulter 4 & 3 over Dufner and Johnson.

Americans take 10 1/2  - 5 1/2  lead going into the final day. 

Keegan Bradley, Phil Mikelson, Jim Furyk, and Brandt Snedeker, arguably all in the top 5 on this team, all have the afternoon off. These guys are going to rest up for tomorrow single matches. I think I like the move by DLIII. And obviously by my predictions I think Tiger is going to be lights out. I also expect a easy win for McIllroy/Poulter.

*** I am going westward for a wedding at Umass tonight. My buddy Bill will hopefully be live updating this afternoon on this blog. ****

Also, thanks for reading. I've already broken the record for most page views in the history of my blog today. 

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  1. 6 up through 10? Already loved these guys but now just solidifying it... and these are some of the loudest roars I've heard.