September 28, 2012

Ryder Cup Friday Afternoon

I'm confident if the presidential election was today and  Keegan Bradley and Phil Mikelson entered they would win. Watching these 2 play together is really something I haven't seen in a while. Bradley is just rising to the occasion. 1st Ryder cup for this kid and he's just stone cold. Straight up sinking putts from deep like it aint no thang. He's pumping up Phil, which is awful news for the Euros because a confident, pumped up Phil is pretty much the best player in the world. 

Anyway Here are some other notes from this afternoon. I'll update it every time I add something

-Tiger is playing much, much better this afternoon. Still not outstanding, but it is nice to see him play well and hopefully put his awful performance this morning behind him. 

-The dynamic duo of McIlroy and McDowell is getting owned by Bradley and Mikelson. Great 4-some to watch, but Bradley and Mikelson just keep making shots.

-Matt Kuchar is a stud. This guy is just so consistent. It's tough to ever see him taking control and dominating like you see the truly elite golfers do, but Kooch is sup solid and just one of those guys you know is going to give a great performance. 

-Watson/Simpson are currently up on Lawrie/Hanson 6 holes through 10. They are challenging for the best/most dominating performance of all time. Birdied 6 of the first 7 holes... wow. 

-Currently the Americans are winning 3 of the 4 matches and the 4th is all square. The overall score for the Ryder cup is tied, 2-2

-It's worth mentioning again. Kuchar is beast. Just sank ANOTHER mid range put for another hole win. 

-Also another guy who is playing well that sat out this morning for the Americans is Bubba Watson. Quick note about Bubba: Used to be my least favorite golfer, for literally no good reason except I hated how his name sounded. But then I actually watched him play and learned more about him... He's a cool dude. And worth a follow on Twitter by the way. 

-I'm watching the golf this afternoon with Ms. Nobody Wins on the Blue. This was her reaction to all the action this afternoon:

-Is it a given that these 2 dudes are the coolest non-American golfers? McDowell just looks like a boss w no hat no visor just letting the flow go. 

-Mikelson just made the best shot of the day on the 16th. Way off the fairway to a hidden green over trees, lots of trouble, Phil flys it into the middle of the green and sticks it w/ a wood. BEAST MODE! 

-This dude Colsaerts, who's playing with Westwood, is on fire. -7 through 9 holes and the only reason why the Euros aren't getting swept this afternoon. These 2 are playing against Woods/Stricker and since it looks like the Americans are going to win the other 3 matches, this becomes super important. 

-Damnit. Euros are making a run late in the day sinking putts left and right. USA still looking good in 2/3 remaining matches but it looks like Woods/Stricker are going to go 0/2 today. Expect them both to sit out tomorrow morning. Woods just sucks at the Ryder cup. He's not a team player, he has a good attitude but his killer instinct is only present when he's looking out for #1 only. Loser. 

I love these guys. 

-Westwood just flopped a shot onto the green from like 5 yards away and his ball was in the water. These guys are good. If Woods/Stricker come back (Currently 1 down with 3 to play) I'd be shocked. 

-Tiger's turning it on down the stretch. Down 1 with 2 to play. If the Americans steal this match, Euro is in trouble.

-Wow Colsaerts just silenced Tiger and America. Drained a looooong putt to hold off a comeback for now. If he misses USA squares the match going into the last hole. This guy has swag for days. Love his emotions. Too bad he's Euro trash.

-Tiger just lipped out on 18 to tie up his match. He birdied 16 and 17 and coudln't sink it on 18. What an awesome intense moment, though. I can't believe that putt didn't fall. My heart was beating so fast right before he hit that putt... I don't think I've felt like that since the Bruins playoffs in April. 

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