June 3, 2013

Twitter Fight RE: Matt Cooke

In my earlier blog post I talked about how much a dirtbag Matt Cooke is. I wrote this:

"Now, something that really bothered me this morning. Most avid NHL fan's go to Yahoo's Puckdaddy blog. It is an excellent site and great daily read. However, this morning one of the authors wrote about Cooke and the hit. He also touched on Marchand's penalty for boarding later in the game... which was correctly called as a 2 minute minor. Here is his exact quote:

"Marchand, who should have a status as a dirty player just as extreme as Cooke's if not worse.."

WHAT are you talking about? Seriously? Marchand equally as dirty as Cooke or WORSE? C'mon now. I know people consider Brad a dirty player, and I know he walks the line while occasionally stepping over it... but what a ridiculous statement. Marchand is no where near the piece of shit that Matt Cooke is. Not even close."

I was bothered so much by that statement that I tweeted at the clown who wrote it. Apparently his name is Ryan Lambert. Here's our twitter fight:

So basically this guy is saying that because Matt Cooke hasn't been suspended in the past 2 seasons he's not as dirty as a player like Marchand, who has been suspended twice during that span. Hey dumbass, guess what... Cooke wasn't suspended for the hit he put on Savard. Does that make the hit OK? Wasn't suspended for the hit he put on McQuaid on Saturday night... again.. does that mean the hit is clean? Hell no.

Here is the video he sent to me where he claims Marchand was intentionally trying to injure someone:

Well guess what buddy? I extensively wrote about this hit and how I dont think it was even a penalty. This is the one of the only Marchand moments that wouldnt even come close to him trying to hurt someone.

Anyway, I recognize most people still think that was a dirty hit. Fine. Call it dirty if you want. Even so, Matt Cooke has 10 videos for every 1 of Marchand.

So no, Ryam Lambert, I'm not a "fan boy" for defending Marchand against your dumbass claim.

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  1. Thatta boy, smut this blog up with some Twitter beef.