June 1, 2013

Bruins-Penguins Prediction

Here we go. Puck drop is FINALLY here. Well, 3 hours away. As I mentioned earlier the long layoff probably helped the Bruins the most, specifically with Chara getting time to re-charge his batteries.

After much thought, here is my official prediction:


My head says Penguins in 6, my heart says Bruins in 7, and I just have a feeling this team is going to get it done somehow, in classic Bruins fashion.... 7 games.

And in the West I like the Kings in 7 games. Similar to the Bruins they are underdogs, however they just seem to know how to win playoff games. Very similar to the Bruins. Plus Jon Quick is just.... amazing.

Would be an epic Final if I'm right. Go B's.

Oh Hey, Ranger fans:

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