September 5, 2013

A Pinch Better rates the 2013 Dirty D Draft

By: Sean Cosgrove (2x runner up '09, '12)

While I'm not going to be as extensive as James and his minion, these are my favorite teams to my least favorite teams. (along with having fun with the team names)

1. A Pouch Better
2. A1 sauce-ers
3. the rental girls
4. Gaybar Loungers
5. Eat More Cows
6. Last Place Pirates
7. Boston Braves
8. Team L-ice Cream
9. The Gayfather
10. Not so Victorious Secret
11. Bill's mom neck kiss job thing
12. The Not coming back Quest

My apologies for the lack of explanations I was really excited about doing this then kind of didn't want to do it at all. Maybe explanations to come.

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