September 12, 2013

Ed's plus Consensus ranks for Dirty D

I had a friend, Ed, rank our teams in the Dirty D. I asked him to rank the rosters based on the draft and to try and ignore any factors from Week 1. Here are the results:

1. A Pinch Better
2. Angry Pirates
3. Crossing Guards/ DeutscheBill
4. the rental guys
5. A1 Providers
6. Boston Patriots
7. Eat More Chicken
8. Team Ice Cream
9. Victorious Secret
10. Tahiti Loungers
11. The Godfather
12. Comeback Story

Obviously this is pretty different than the other rankings I’ve published here. We now have 4 different opinions on the table with very different results.  Here are the consensus rankings:

(My Ranks, Wilson’s, Sean’s, Ed’s)

1. A Pinch Better (7 points) (3,2,1,1)
2. The rental guys (14 points) (2,5,3,4)
3. Tahiti Loungers (16 points) (1,1,4,10)
4. Team Ice Cream (24 points) (4,4,8,8)
5. Eat More Chicken (25 points) (10,3,5,7)
6. A1 Providers (26 points) (9,10,2,5)
7. The Crossing Guards (29 points) (6,9,11,3)
8. Boston Patriots (29 points) (8,8,7,6)
9. Angry Pirates (30 points) (11,11,6,2)
10. Victorious Secret (30 points) (5,6,10,9)
11. Comeback Story (38 points) (7,7,12,12)
12. The Godfather (44 points) (12,12,9,11)

Interesting things to note:

-I obviously thought A Pinch Better had a nice draft, and apparently I am the lowest on his roster by ranking him 3. What’s funny about this is during the draft and after the draft Sean kept saying how much he hates his team and hates his draft. Again I have to say I love that he started Foster-Rodgers-Roddy (3 guys I won with last year.)

-I’m not sure what kind of hard drugs Ed was on when he ranked my team 10th, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But seriously, 1-1-4 and then 10? C’mon bro. Why do you hate Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham?  Haters fuel me. 

-The Godfather was easily the lowest ranking team. 3 out of the 4 rankers put him in the bottom 2. Gonna be tough for Abe to avoid the SOPHOMORE SLUMP

-More on Ed and the hard drugs he must have been on when ranking the teams: He picked Campbell as the #2 team.  Obviously we have very different opinions here cuz I ranked C-Bell 2nd to last.

-The top 4 teams are 4 of the top 5 most successful teams in the history of our league.

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