September 25, 2013

Trade Review: Fitz/Pierce for D Jax/J Bell

I'm going to make this a thing this year. Take actual trades in my fantasy league and analyze. This just happened: 

Team Ice Cream Gets: Larry Fitzgerald, Joique Bell 
The Godfather Gets: Desean Jackson, Bernard Pierce

I'm not going to write a tonon this, mostly because I am leaving the office in 5 minutes. 

To me, this is Trade Rape City, USA. I think Fitz outproduces D Jax the rest of the way. 

I think Joique has stand-alone PPR value (flex guy) in games that Reggie Bush is not playing or limited. In those few instances where Bush DOESN'T  play, Bell is a RB1. 

Bernard Pierce does NOT have stand alone value and will only be useful if Ray Rice gets/stays injured. The reports are saying Rice will be back this week. basically I like Fitz decisively more than D Jax and I like Joique Bell a lot more than Bernard Pierce. Adam wins the trade by a landslide here, buying low on Fitz and selling high on D Jax. 


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