September 26, 2013

Trade Review: Colston/Moreno for D Jax/Mathews

A Pinch Better Gets: DeSean Jackson, Ryan Mathews
The Godfather Gets: Marques Colston, Knowshon Moreno

Pretty equal trade here. Lets look at the WRs first.

I think I like Jackson slightly better for the rest of the season, but this is certainly close enough where these guys are pretty interchangeable. Colston has gotten off to a slow start while Jackson has flown out of the gates... but I'm confident that from weeks 4 on these guys will be pretty close to each other. They are both equally injury prone so that's a non factor.

As for the RBs,  I would rather own Knowshon Moreno than Ryan Mathews. Mathews is unexciting, crazy injury prone, and its concerning to me that his offense has been very good thus far but his personal production has been bland. Plus I've been burned by him in the past so I am probably more down pon Mathews than the average fake football player. Moreno is the lead back in Denver for now, and while I believe he loses his job down the line, hes a solid option through the bye weeks and will command more on the market should Abe decide to trade him.

 Overall, I would rather be getting the Colston/Moreno side, but pretty even deal here.

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