November 20, 2013

Dellusional Thoughts from Fantasy Island- The Godfather

Abe, owner of the 4-7 fantasy football team "The Godfather" thinks he has a chance at making the playoffs with 2 weeks left in the regualr season. Below is what he wrote and came up with himself.... all I have to say is.... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!


Why This Sophomore Thinks He Can Still Win The D
By: The GodFather (Abe)

It’s been a pretty brutal fantasy football season for me this year. With only 2 wins going into week 10 it was pretty much over for me and I was told to pack it in and just try to knock other people off their rides to the playoffs. Lucky for me, I didn’t give in and am on a 2  week win streak that has set me up for playoff contention if I can win the rest of the way out.

On a side note, if I do make the playoffs, I’m coming hard for the D and I would like to slap the commissioner of our league and the editor in chief of this blog with it and the following:

This is for the direct quote received via text this morning from the commish as follows:
Abe's not making the playoffs we need to get this out of ppls heads”

My next two matchups for weeks 12 and 13 are against two of the highest ranked and most well rostered teams so far and will be VERY difficult games for me to win. I don’t like the matchups, but I ABSOLUTELY have a chance to win both games.

Week 12 Breakdown: The Godfather VS Team Ice Cream

QBs: RGIII vs Drew Brees

This is one of the worst matchups I’ve faced all season and it comes at the worst time. RGIII playing against San Francisco’s defense is a tough matchup as it is, especially with Jordan Reed and Leonard Hankerson going down. Hopefully Reed can pass concussion testing and RGIII can make some magic happen. Drew Brees is going to absolutely annihilate the horrible Atlanta defense that gave up 35 points and only had 2 sacks last week against Mike Glennon and Tampa Bay.

WRs:  Demaryius Thomas/Keenan Allen VS Pierre Garcon/ ????

I’m really liking my wide receiver matchup here. Demaryius Thomas against the Patriots should be big points for me. Aqib Talib shadowed Steve Smith last night and had a good but tough night on the matchup and I would put money down that Demaryius can do a much better job against a shadowing Talib than Smith. Keenan Allen tweaked something on Sunday but should be good to put some points on the board against a great Kansas City defense. Peyton and Demaryius were able to beat one of the top defenses so hopefully Rivers and Allen can too. If Allen can’t go I will be subbing in Aaron Dobson against the Broncos. He should have a good game considering most defenses are more worried about Gronk and Amendola in the passing game.

Adam is rolling Garcon who had a slight sprain or something to that effect on Sunday. This is where I’m really hoping Jordan Reed can come back and step up to take the points away from Garcon against a tough defense. The best part about this WR matchup is that Adam’s other stud, DJax, is on bye this week and his bench is only holding Denarius Moore who is currently projected to sit out week 12 with an injured shoulder and Michael Crabtree who has yet to be activated from the PUP list. Who’s he going to pick up and drop? Great question!

RBs: Knowshon Moreno/Trent Richardson VS Reggie Bush/Andre Brown

Another tough but certainly not unwinnable matchup for me. Moreno is finna run for days against the Pats defense but I’m playing a wildcard that most people wouldn’t like with Trent Richardson against Adam’s Cardinals defense. Gio Bernard is on bye for me and it’s my best option.  Trent has been an absolute FLOP this year in Indy but hopefully he can break out for once against the Cards that won’t be able to stack the box like they did against MJD and the WR-less Jags last week. Indy is going hot-hand between Trent and Donald Brown so hopefully Richardson will make some nice early game runs to keep himself on the field.

Reggie Bush is a monster that will more likely than not shred the Tampa Bay defense. It’s notable that Bush had an odd week last week and Joique Bell took over the running game, so it will be interesting to see if Bush loses more carries to Joique this week again.  I also highly anticipate Andre Brown running all over the Dallas defense this week. With Eli Manning’s trash passing game, the Giants will most certainly give Brown the rock to shove down the Cowboys throat.

TEs: Jordan Reed VS Martellus Bennett
As I said before, I (as well as RGIII and the Skins) really need Jordan Reed to get through the concussion testing for this game. If he does, he’ll most likely see more targets with Hank-Time going down and Garcon less than 100%. San Fran is usually pretty good against TEs as well so this is a toss up.

Adam is rolling Martellus Bennett against the Rams. Great matchup for Bennett but hopefully he can do more than he has been. Averaging 9.7 fantasy points a game this year, he could explode against the rams, he could do a whole lot of nothing like he did Sunday against Baltimore. We shall see.

Flex Options: Aaron Dobson VS Ryan Mathews
These flex options are as it stands now. As I said earlier, Aaron Dobson should have a good game against the Broncos but if I have to put him in for Keenan Allen I will most likely be looking to play Nate Burleson if he can come back this week or another waiver wire WR.

There’s always debate about Mathews but it always seems to come out to this conclusion: he’s a great football player but never any help in fantasy football. Adam can also sub Mark Ingram and Joique Bell for him if he wants but with his DJax bye situation he has some sorting out to do.

Kickers:  Nick Folk VS Matt Prater
Kickers win games and these are two good ones to face off. Prater has 6 made from 40-49 yards  and 4 that are over 50 yards with 50 extra point kicks this year. Folk has 11 from 40-49 and only 1 over 50 with only 16 PATs. I feel like the Jets lean offensively on Folk a lot more than Denver does on Prater but this is a good matchup.

Defense: Da Bears VS The Cards
This will be another good matchup though I like Chicago better and I hope T-Rich pulls some crazy game out of his ass and shreds the Cards.

Overall Prediction:
I feel bad for Adam after the 180-100 beat down he took last week from the Boston Patriots, but I’m definitely taking him down this week. Predicted score:

The Godfather - 146
Team Ice Cream - 132

PS If I keep the streak alive I’ll break down week 13. If not I’ll be hiding in the sophomore slump crying.


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