November 19, 2013

Dirty D Playoff Scenarios

Here are the standings and total points after 11 weeks, with 2 regular season weeks remaining.

Clinched a playoff berth:
*1. Eat More Chicken 8-2-1, 1465
*2. Tahiti Loungers 8-3, 1419
*3. Team Ice Cream 7-3-1, 1472

In Contention:
4. Boston Patriots 6-5, 1500
5. Crossing Guards 6-5, 1427
6. A Pinch Better 6-5, 1267
7. Victorious Secret 5-6, 1197

Essentially eliminated:

8. The Godfather 4-7, 1227
9. the rental guys 4-7, 1225
10. A1 Providers 4-7, 1193
11. Angry Pirates 4-7, 1165

12. comeback story 3-8, 1096

Team by team breakdown:

1. Eat More Chicken

Jenna is sitting atop the League right now. She's in the playoffs and can finish no worse that 3rd place.
Week 12- Comeback Story
Week 13- the rental guys

Jenna clinches the BYE with:

1 more win
1 more loss for Adam
1 more loss for James

2. Tahiti Loungers

I've clinched a playoff spot (again, yawn.)
Week 12 vs A Pinch Better
Week 13 vs Comeback Story

I will clinch a BYE with:

2 more wins
1 more win plus 1 more loss by Adam
2 losses by Adam
1 win and 2 losses by Jenna

3. Team Ice Cream

Adam has clinched a playoff spot. He is currently half a game behind me for the second BYE. He will clinch a BYE with:

2 wins and 1 loss by James
1 win and 2 losses for James (lol good joke)
2 wins and 2 losses for Jenna

4. Boston Patriots

The Boston Patriots are on FIRE. Mr. B actually took over the point lead total with another huge week.
Week 12 vs Victorious Secret
Week 13 vs The Godfather

At 6-5 with such a high point total, Mr. B is essentially already in the playoffs. No 4-7 team will catch him.

The only way Mr. B would miss the playoffs is if ALL of the following things happened:

-Boston Patriots lose in Week 12 (vs. Kait)
-A Pinch Better wins in Week 12 (vs. James)
-Crossing Guards win in Week 12 (vs Paul)
-Boston Patriots lose in Week 13 (vs Abe)
-Victorious Secret win in Week 13 (vs Sean)

Mr. B will officially clinch a playoff spot with 1 more win.

5. The Crossing Guards 

Week 12 vs A1 Providers
Week 13 vs Team Ice Cream

Similar to the Boston Patriots, the high/uncatchable point total  for the Crossing Guards (6-5) has basically put Bill in the playoffs already.

Here's one Scenario that leaves Bill in 7th place, where he truly belongs.

-The Crossing Guards lose Week 12 (vs A1 Providers)
-Victorious Secret wins Week 12 (vs Boston Patriots)
-A Pinch Better wins Week 12 (vs Tahiti Loungers)
-The Crossing Guards lose Week 13 (vs Team Ice Cream)
-Victorious Secret wins Week 13 (vs A Pinch Better)

So basically if Bill, myself, OR Mr. B win this week (all favored), Bill will clinch a spot.  If we all lose, Bill will be rooting for (his own team and) Sean over Kait in the final week.

6. A Pinch Better
Week 12 vs Tahiti Loungers
Week 13 vs Victorious Secret

Sean is in position to control his own destiny. If he wins both weeks he'll be in the playoffs.

If Sean wins Week 12 and Kait loses Week 12, He is in, she is out, and we will have all 6 playoff teams set before entering the last week.

If Sean loses Week 12, which he likely will (My team is currently projected for 142), He will either enter the last week in 7th place (if Kait wins Week 12) or 6th place....setting up for an exciting play-in game in Week 13. Kait vs Sean.

7. Victorious Secret
Week 12 vs Boston Patriots
Week 13 vs A Pinch Better

Luckily for Kait, she still controls her own destiny. If she wins the next 2 weeks, she will be the #6 seed.

If Kait loses Week 12, Sean or Bill would also have to lose or else Kait is eliminated


All the 4-7 teams that think they have a chance to make the playoffs (ahem, Abe, ahem) will need to win both of their remaining games and get help. And score points.

I'm not going to sit here and go through each individual team and what they need to happen to get in. It's a lot. After Week 12 if any of these 4-7 teams win, at that point it will be easy to tell what they need to happen to get in.

For the most part, these 4-7 scrubinos will be rooting for Kait and Sean to lose,

**the rental guys and Angry Pirates play against each other in Week 13...the loser of that matchup will be eliminated (if they haven't been eliminated already)

The only 3-8 team we have in the league, Comeback Story, is officially eliminated. Hes playing the Angry Pirates in Week 12 and Tahiti Loungers in Week 13.

C Bunny is pretty much already eliminated so this weeks matchup means nothing. Donny may have a chance to ruin my BYE in the last week, I suppose that's the only thing he has to look forward to the rest of the year.

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