November 6, 2013

Tahiti Loungers vs the rental guys

Fantasy Football is a numbers game, which makes success and failure easy to track. (and fun to sort)

Fantasy Football is also a lot about luck.... Any given roster can beat another in a single week. However, over time, you can see that there's a lot more than luck involved in this game.

Today I want to compare 2 storied franchises- Tahiti Loungers (my team) and the rental guys (Dan's team)

-In case you are wondering, "the rental guys" is purposely lower cased. My best guess is that Dan was simply too lazy to capitalize the R and G  when he originally named his team and this way just stuck.

-the rental guys and the Tahiti Loungers are two of only three franchises to stick with the same team name since Day 1. The other is the Angry Pirates. The "D" has never been won by anyone else.

-the rental guys and the Tahiti Loungers are the only 2 franchises to qualify for the playoffs every year

- There have been 69 scorable weeks in which both the Tahiti Loungers and the rental guys had a matchup.

If these two teams were to play heads up every week, Tahiti Loungers would have won 44 times, the rental guys would have won 24 times, and once the result would have ended in a tie.

That means I would have won close to 65% of the time. That's basically 2 out of every 3 weeks.

Scoring averages

2009 Tahiti Loungers 120 (2nd in the league)
2009 rental guys  107 (9th in the league)

2010 Tahiti Loungers 132 (1st in the league)
2010 rental guys 109 (9th in the league)

2011 Tahiti Loungers 126 (3rd in the league)
2011 rental guys 110 (6th in the league) 

2012 Tahiti Loungers 132 (1st in the league)
2012 rental guys 121 (7th in the league)

2013 Tahiti Loungers 132 (Currently 3rd in the league)
2013 rental guys 121 (Currently 7th in the league)

All time Tahiti Loungers scoring average-   128.4
All time the rental guys scoring average-   112.4

All time records:
Tahiti Loungers 46-25
the rental guys 39-30-2

Number of times team has scored over 150:
Tahiti Loungers- 13
then rental guys- 5

Number of times team has scored under 100:
Tahiti Loungers- 7
the rental guys- 25

Tahiti Loungers- 2 (2010, 2012)
the renal guys- 1 (2009)

So basically, its more of a fact than an opinion that I'm better than Dan at Fantasy Football considering I come out ahead in every single metric. I'd love to hear/read a rebuttal to this.

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