October 10, 2013

Dirty D Week 6 Power Ranks

Through 5 weeks:

Highest Weekly Points For:

149- Eat More Chicken
143- Team Ice Cream
135- Boston Patriots
133- Tahiti Loungers
128- A Pinch Better
128- A1 Providers
126- Victorious Secret
124.7- Average score 
120- the rental guys
119- The Crossing Guards
106- The Godfather
106- Comeback Story
101- Angry Pirates

Highest Weekly Points Against:

151- The Crossing Guards
134- the rental guys
133- Boston Patriots
132- A1 Providers
128- A Pinch Better
127- The Godfather
124.7- Average score 
121- Tahiti Loungers
120- Comeback Story
115- Eat More Chicken
114- Team Ice Cream
114- Angry Pirates
107- Victorious Secret

1. Eat More Chicken (Last Week: 2nd)
Avg points for: 149
Avg points against: 115

#SophomoreSuccess. Jenna got 111 points from her Cowboys trio (Romo-Dez-Witten) which helped her leap frog over Adam into first place (both in the real standings and in these Power Ranks.) She also has the highest amount of points scored, averaging a tick under 150 points per week this season...Combine that with her weak schedule (4th easiest in the league) and it's easy to see why Jenna has the only remaining undefeated team.  The only weak spot on this team is RB depth... for now Jenna is fine with Forte-Miller-Tolbert but it wouldn't hurt to bolster the depth. Jenna's team would be 45-9-1 if she played every team every week.

2. Tahiti Loungers (Last Week: 3rd)
Avg points for: 133
Avg points against: 121

It's sad but true: The 22 points combined I got from Spiller and Lacy was the highest I've had from my RBs this season. Spiller remains a weekly mystery for now... 11 of his 12 points came on one run and he only had a few carries. The 10 day rest will help but CJ likely wont be 100% for another few weeks. It's baffling that he had 0 targets and seemingly isn't involved in the passing game. Keep in mind Spiller really heated up in the second half last year, I believe he was fantasy's #2 RB behind AP over the last 10 weeks of the fantasy season. Eddie Lacy had a nice game but didn't score...Im happy to have him as a solid RB2. Jimmy Graham didn't score either but still put up a monster week... The Brees/Graham is the best combo possibly to have in fantasy football. The floor is very high for my team- 122 points in week 2 was my lowest score of the year. I do feel like I could win the championship with my roster as is, but I would still like to improve my RB situation and upgrade at flex. (Inquire within) My team would be 33-22 if I played every team every week.

3. Team Ice Cream (Last Week: 1st)
Avg points for: 143
Avg points against: 114

Adam's team had it's 2nd "low" week of the season. I think right now this team probably has the highest blow up potential, but it's weeks like this past one that bring Adam back down to earth. Another week, another QB debacle. This time was bad luck with an early game Hoyer injury but still... I didn't like the Hoyer play from the beginning. Jamaal Charles is an absolute animal. AP, Charles and McCoy have separated themselves, in my mind, into a tier of their own. It's downright shocking Demaryius Thomas was held to just 10 points in a 51 point Bronco effort.... I dodged a major bullet there. Another bright spot for Adam was recently acquired Justin Blackmon... he went off for 5/136/1. The Jags are playing in Denver this Sunday so that basically means a full game of playing catch up. The Broncos just got torched by the Cowboys so I'm guessing the Jags know how to watch video tape. Adam would be 37-17-1 if he played every team every week.

4. Boston Patriots (Last Week: 4th)
Avg points for: 135
Avg points against: 133

Another week, another tough loss for Mr. B. It seems like this happens every week... a nice score (138) but a small margin loss to an unexpected blow up (143 from Donny.)  It was a perfect week to play Pierre Thomas at the flex... I wouldn't be banking on him even scoring half of 29 points again this year but it certainly was a nice plug and play this past week. With 2 solid QB options and 2 nice TE options, Mr. B should cash in on his depth at some point soon via the trade market. Mr. B would be 34-21 if he played every team every week.

5. A Pinch Better (Last Week: 5th)
Avg points for: 128
Avg points against: 128

A nice bounce back after 2 slow weeks for Sean earns him a victory over his older, but less cool, brother. My major concerns with this team is the long term health of the players who are carrying the load thus far-

Edelman- Now that Amendola is back Edelman in bench material
McFadden- Hurt right now
Roddy- Huge mess. Just when he's about to get over the ankle injury he pulls a hammy.
Mathews- Injured, concussed, outplayed by Danny
F Jax- Healthy now but hes old and already starting to get banged up
Murray- Amazing so far but this is Murray. It's almost a guarantee he misses time at some point.

The good thing here is that Foster seems to have re established himself as the clear lead back in Houston. That's a big deal and affords Sean the opportunity to shop his secondary backs around if he wants to. Sean would be 31-23-1 if he played every team every week.

6. Dr. Victorious Secret (Last Week: 6th)
Avg points for: 126
Avg points against: 107

Kait just keeps rolling along. We've seen this before... Great draft and solid squad BUT inactivity and complacency in regard to the waiver wire is starting to hurt her team. Kait has made 0 moves this year so far and she is lucky to be 4-1.  As long as Kait has Peyton Manning she is going to contend, but the RB duo of T Richardson and S Ridley is amazingly unproductive and disappointing. Kait has a lot of nice WR options- esp with Harvin cooking on the bench- and FINALLY it looks like Gronk will be back in the lineup this week. Outside of week 1 Kait is averaging a very pedestrian 115 per week but she has been lucky with scheduling thus far (over those same 4 weeks her opponents are averaging just 99 points.) We'll see which direction this team heads but I could see it going either way. I say this all the time... "You can't win your league on draft day but you CAN lose it."...Kait is a perfect example for the former part of that sentance. Even with a great draft you cant expect to win if you don't make in-season moves.  Kait would be 29-25-1 if she played every team every week.

7. The Crossing Guards (Last Week: 7th)
Avg points for: 119
Avg points against: 151

The fantasy Gods were NOT happy with #DeutscheBill missing the draft this year. They may have rewarded him with a nice roster but WOW is he getting screwed by the schedule. Bill is averaging a league worst 150 points against. That's right.... 150 points against. Bill has more points against than the highest scoring team has points for...The WR trio of Green-Smith-V Jax is no joke... the major issues on this team continue to be RB depth/scoring. Its borderline crazy town that Bill inherited an auto drafted team and hasn't made a single trade yet. Stay tuned. Bills team would be 23-32 if he played every team every week.

8. Angry Pirates (Last Week: 11th)
Avg points for: 101
Avg points against: 114

Big trade last week followed up by a big (lucky) win so Campbell gets the 3 spot bump up this week. First it needs to be mentioned that Campbell has actually scored the least amount of points in the league so far this year, but has been lucky with scheduling and is sitting in 5th place at 3-2. This past week was the first time C-Bell got over the 100 mark since week 1... and AP was on a bye. The draft picks of the suspended guys - Gordon and Blackmon- paid off nicely for C-Bell. Rolling out AP, Sproles, Gordon and Decker is real nice... now if only Dwayne Bowe could wake up this team would be in business. Campbell's team would be 9-46 if he played every team every week.

9. A1 Providers (Last Week: 8th)
Avg points for: 128
Avg points against:  132

The Julio Jones injury effects more than just the Julio Jones owners. I highly doubt Matt Ryan is a top 8 fantasy QB moving forward. The Owen Daniels injury is another tough break for Paul... Heath Miller is a fine replacement but he lacks the upside Daniels had. It was encouraging effort from Ray Rice who had his best output of the season, but still- this team is very unexciting right now. Just kind of meh. Paul may need another 40 point effort from Cruz tonight if he wants to win this week. Paul would be 29-26 if he played every team every week.

10. Comeback Story (Last Week: 12th)
Avg points for: 106
Avg points against: 120

Holy Comeback. In the matchup of the week, Donny pulled off the upset on Monday night and pulled out the much needed victory. This is the week Donny finally played the right WRs... Amendola was bland in his return but Alshon Jeffery and TY Hilton put up a combined 82 points. Defenses have been "taking away" Brandon Marshall the past few weeks, leaving Jeffery open on single coverage. The performance from this past week will serve as an eye-opening experience for defensive coordinators. I expect regression for Jeffery but he is looking like a solid weekly flex play for the rest of the season. I'm pissed I dropped him. Another positive note for Donny is the return of Alfred Morris this week, and hopefully S Jax next week. Also, Brady is going to be better moving forward with the return of The Gronk.....This happens every year. Donny has a ridiculously slow start, but claws back and battles for a playoff spot. We'll see if he can pull it off again this year. Most appropriate name ever. Donny would be 18-37 if he played every team every week.

11. the rental guys (Last Week: 9th)
Avg points for: 120
Avg points against: 134

Rough week for Dan.  3rd consecutive loss and then Julio. After the Julio news came down, Dan made a trade. Here it is:

Dan gets: Larry Fitz, Le'Veon Bell, MJD
Adam gets: Doug Martin, Shane Vereen

I like the trade a lot for Dan. I also like it for Adam, who is clearly making moves for the future, but Dan made a nice trade here in response to the Jones injury.

New staring lineup for Dan:
Kaep/ A Smith
James Jones
Leveon Bell
D Willy/ MJD
Shorts/ T Austin

Will this team compete? Sure. Do I see this team performing well enough to make up the ground Dan has already lost? No. I highly doubt Dan continues his playoff streak this year unless he gets very lucky. Dan's record would be 26-29 if he played every team every week.

12. The Godfather (Last Week: 10th)
Avg points for: 106
Avg points against: 127

Woof. #SophomoreSlump is trending hard right now. A second consecutive week in the 80s for Abe drops him to last place. Megatron getting scratched last minute REALLY hurt this team this past week. I actually thought the pick and pop of Broyles was going to be a great play, but Broyles did nothing. RG3 was on a bye (Although Bradford was a great play- 20 points). Colston and Thompkins both had their worst games of the season. This was a week to forget. Looking ahead, Abe has a tough schedule the rest of the way. It will be interesting to see what kind of moves are made here before the deadline...Abe's record would be 14-41 if he played every team every week.

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