October 3, 2013

Trade Review: Decker/Sproles/NE DEF for Demaryius/MJD/Blackmon

Team Ice Cream gets: Demaryius Thomas, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Justin Blackmon

Angry Pirates gets: Eric Decker, Darren Sproles, New England Defense/Special Teams

Big trade here. I think the easiest way to break it down is my personal guess on the remaining value of all these studs.

Demaryius Thomas- Top 5 weekly WR option. Locked and loaded WR1 with upside

Darren Sproles- Rock solid PPR option. He's a low end RB1 on an explosive offense

Eric Decker- Locked in WR2. There will be a few duds but for the most part Decker is a very safe option w significant upside

Maurice Jones-Drew- Disappointment thus far, and stuck in a gross offense. Will still produce as a low end RB2/ flex the rest of the way.

Justin Blackmon-  WR3. Coming off suspension who knows what to expect, but Blackmon will demand targets and produce value at some point. If he wasn't a Jag he would be a legit WR2 with upside.(Josh Gordon esque)

New England Def- Whatever. They are solid but nothing special.

Overall I think the trade was pretty fair. Adam probably got the better end of the deal because he got the best player- Thomas- but Sproles is a nice take for Campbell and will solidify his RB squad. Campbell has some other nice WR options so I think this trade benefited both teams. Adam improved his starting lineup and Campbell addressed a need on his team. Nice work guys.

Adams scary ass W/R squad:

WRs: Thomas, Fitzgerald, Garcon, Stevie J, Blackmon
RBs: Charles, Bush, MJD, Bell, Bell

Dangerous. Thankfully only 5 of these guys can play each week!

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