October 23, 2013

Trade Review + Updated Power Ranks

I posted my Power Ranks a few minutes ago and I guess around lunchtime today there was a trade.

Crossing Guards get: Shane Vereen

Team Ice Cream gets: Mike Vick

So Adam has finally made his move for a QB. I knew this was coming but I didn't know when and I didn't know what caliber QB Adam would land. To be frank, I'm disappointed.

Mike Vick missed last week with a hamstring injury. He's expected back in full this week, which is great because they have a cake matchup with the Giants. He's the conensus #7 QB this week. I like him this upcoming Sunday and into the near future.

However, as Campbell put it, "Vick is a China Doll" The dude gets hurt ALL THE TIME. He's crazy frail. And when he's playing at less than 100%, hes not effective.

It's curious to me that Adam would make a trade for Vick. He's 5-1-1 and guaranteed to make the playoffs. The playoffs start in 7 weeks. That's a looooong time to hope Vick holds up for. He didn't make it through the first 7 weeks this year. Or last year. Or the year before.

Another reason why I don't like this trade is because it eliminates a major advantage I thought Adam had- RB depth. The only RBs left on Adams roster are JC in KC, Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. The first 2 names are awesome weekly plays, and it's nice to have one of their handcuffs, but all of the sudden Adam is no longer deep at the position.

JC in KC is on pace for 400+ touches. He's a small guy and has broken down at the end of seasons before. Reggie Bush is basically the same. Has a hard time making it through a full season. Its very risky to assume both of these guys will be their healthy selves come Week 15.

Also, I have high expectations for Vereen when he returns. I'm talking like, borderline RB1 expectations.

I LOVE this trade for AutoBill. Love it. He doesn't even play Vick. If Bill can survive to week 11 with his crappy rotational Rb2, hes going to be a force when Vereen is in the lineup.

In my positional ranks earlier, I gave Adam the best RB crew moving forward. I had him as the worst QB moving forward. After the trade I would drop Adam to #3 in RB rank and I would still keep him last in QB rank. I still like every other team's starting QB more than Vick.

I had Bill with the 6th best RB crew before the trade, I have him with the 4th best now. His QB rank remains unchanged.

Lastly, here are the teams that Adam should have talk to about trading for a QB IMO

Boston Patriots- Owns both Rivers and Stafford and needs a ton of help
Eat More Chicken- Owns both Luck and Romo and needs help at RB
Comeback Story- Owns Tom Brady. Needs a ton of help.
A Pinch Better- Owns Rodgers and Pryor and has expressed interest in trading Rodgers.
Victorious Secret- Kait doesnt need much but Cutler is her backup and I like him more than Vick in Weeks 15-16

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