October 30, 2013

Dirty D Week 9 Power Ranks

Short n' Sweet  this week:

1. Tahiti Loungers (Last week: 2nd)
Note to self: Never sit Jimmy Graham. 18 snaps, 18 fantasy points in Week 8 on my bench.

2. Team Ice Cream (Last week: 1st)
Acquiring Aaron Rodgers was a great move. Losing Megatron sucks, though.

3.Crossing Guards (Last week: 3rd)
Crappy week drops #AutoBill to 7th place in the standings where he belongs.

4. Eat More Chicken (Last week: 4th)
Finally loses. Averaging just 111 point over the past 3 weeks. Too Cowboy-dependent.

5. A Pinch Better (Last week: 6th)
Huge win for Sean, very important considering tough match-ups 3 out of the next 4 weeks.

6. Victorious Secret (Last week: 5th)
Very lucky win last week. Averaging a gross 94 points over the past 3 weeks. Playoff bubble team.

7. the rental guys  (Last week: 10th)
Lucky Scheduling: Opponents averaging 86 points against Dan during current 3 game win streak.

8. Angry Pirates (Last week: 7th)
This team cant afford ANY sub-par performances from AP or Sproles.

9. A1 Providers (Last week: 9th)
Very thin, Up and Down team.

10. Boston Patriots (Last week: 11th)
Nice "replacements" type win last week. Still overloaded at QB and TE and very weak everywhere else.

11. The Godfather (Last week: 8th)
Calvin scored 83 points for Abe in weeks 1-6 combined. Calvin scored 62 against Abe in week 8. Ouchy.

12. Comeback Story  (Last week: 12th)
Bunny team averaging an astounding 74 points in October.

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