December 18, 2012

Dirty D 2012 Records

Yahoo has a sweet new feature where after each week they tell you what your record would be if played every team every week. It's a great high-volume way of ranking the teams, so this is a great snapshot of the league this year:

James  104-48-2
Adam   96-58
Abe      89-69-3
Sean     88-71-2
Dan      88-72-1
Kait      87-72-2
Jenna    78-80-3
Bill        75-84-5
Mr. B    71-86-4
Paul      68-82-4
Donny   63-95-3
Campbell  30-130-1


-The top 6 teams in these standings were the 6 teams to make the playoffs

-Paul and Donny were not eliminated until the last week... clearly they had very favorable schedules but it wasn't quite enough

-Adam and I clearly deserved the 1 & 2 seeds (and BYEs)

-Campbell's team was so, so bad this year. Campbell had the worst or 2nd worst score of the week almost every single week this season.

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  1. The rookie has made a statement! I may not be in the championship but I definitely played like I wanted it!