December 19, 2012

Ranking the NFL QBs

Recently I've been thinking a lot about QBs in the NFL and decided to take on the challenge of ranking all them.

The Elite- Guys that can win the Super Bowl on their own

Aaron Rodgers
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Eli Manning
Drew Brees

The near elite- Guys that are very, very good but I just cannot include them in the group above... yet

Big Ben
Andrew Luck

Jury's still out, but it's looking pretty good:

Russell Wilson
Matt Stafford
Sam Bradford
Colin Kaepernick 
Cam Newton
Ryan Tannehill
Andy Dalton

These guys  are OK but will never win the Super Bowl. Wouldn't want any of these guys on my team. If I'm the Texans GM, for example, I'd be looking to trade Schaub away in attempt to get a QB capable of winning the Super Bowl, not just a bunch of regular season games. 

Matt Schaub
Matt Ryan
Philip Rivers
Tony Romo
Joe Flacco
Alex Smith
Jay Cutler

Jury's still out but it's not looking great. Work needs to be done. 

Christian Ponder
Jake Locker
Josh Freeman
Blaine Gabbert 
Nick Foles

I want no part of any of these guys:

Chiefs QBs 
Brandon Weeden
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Carson Palmer
Cardinals QBs
Mike Vick
Jets QBs

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